Pure Enjoyment from Bruce Lee Movies

Bruce Lee Movies are the difinite sources of  genuine entertainment for times. Bruce Lee was one of the most famous martial arts teacher as well as an instructor, an actor, a philosopher and a filmmaker at a time.

The Big Boss is one of the best Bruce Lee movies which is also known as The Fist of Fury too. It is the first Bruce Lee movie in which he had appeared first time to the public. He had written and directed the story along with Lo wei under the Hong Kong martial art action film.He used his talent of Kung Fu in this movie. Till the release of the second Bruce Lee movie The Fist of Fury, it was the most profitable, box office shaking movie in the total movie history of Hong Kong.

The movie earned over HK$ 3,000,000. The story of this movie is around the Chinese man named Cheng (Bruce Lee), his cousins and the Big Boss Hsiao Mi. Cheng had moved to Thailand from Guangdong to live with his uncle and cousins. He got a work in the ice factory in which his cousins work together. On a working day, Cheng accidently broke a block of ice and a bag full of white powder came out from the block. Basically the ice block business was a disguise and the main business of the Big Boss was drug dealing through the ice blocks.

When Cheng’s cousin saw the matter, then they decided to talk to the manager. The manager proposed them to cooperate with the illegal business but they refused. As a result, they were killed and their bodies were vanished. Cheng’s two cousins named Hsu Chien and Ah Pei went to the Big Boss and asked him about them. Hsiao Mi killed the two cousins as they had realised that he was not telling the truth about their brothers and hiding something.

When the other people realized that the two brothers were missing too, then they sarted affray in the factory. To take the situation under control, Hsiao Mi declared Cheng as the new foreman and gave him the oppotunity of ladies and alchohol. When one of them told him what happened to his cousins, then he went into the factory at night and found the dead bodies in the ice blocks.

At that time the guards of the factory saw him. Cheng fought them and killed the son of the Big Boss, Hsiao Chiun as revenge. When he came back to his family, then he found out that no one was there for him. All of them were murdered by Hsiao Mi at the time he was in the factory. Cheng took his desired revenge at a last fight with the Big Boss and killed him. At last he surrendered to the Thailand Police who came just after the last fight between Cheng and the Big Boss, Hsiao Chiun. This famous Bruce Lee movie was produced by Raymond Chow, starred by Bruce Lee as Cheng, Maria Ye, James Tien, Tony Liu, distributed by Golden Harvest, Dimension Films and Sony Pictures. The performance of this awesome actor in this movie is mind blowing.

He attracts the viewers from the very first period to the last emotional scene. The viewers get stuck at the scene when he had showed the audience that Cheng was been arrested by the police of Thailand at the last scene. This mandarin approached Bruce Lee movie has starled the audience with its unique finishing and been recognized one of the best Bruce Lee movies in the eyes of the film critics.

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