“Fist Of Fury”- shining star of Hongkong

Bruce Lee is widely considered as the most significant martial artist of all time. Bruce Lee movies are one of the main reasons that kung-fu became so popular & recognize all over the world. Almost all Bruce Lee movies were successful, but among them one of the major successful movies is “Fist of Fury”. Here he plays the major role after his first successful movie “The Big Boss”. “Fist of Fury” was released on March 22, 1972. This Bruce Lee movie is also known as “The Chinese Connection” and “The Iron Hand” in Hollywood.

It is directed by Lo Wei & produced by Raymond Chow. Like most of the Bruce Lee movies the story of this movie is based on kung-fu, but it mainly focused on Hong Kong martial arts. “Fist of Fury’ is considered as the major reason for changing  the pattern of Hong Kong cinema and initiating the  features of Hong Kong cinema in 1970s which is known as “Golden era of Kung-Fu cinema”. “Fist of Fury” is one of the major Bruce Lee movies where Bruce Lee choreographed his own fight scenes. In this movie Bruce Lee played the lead role as “Chen Zhen”.

The story of this movie mainly based on the Chinese man Chen’s fight against the Japanese for the continual racial harassment or discrimination and his revenge against them for the murder of his beloved master. Along this story line it also showed a very emotional & romantic relationship between Chen and his fiancé Nora Miao, people were touched by their love & chemistry.

The highlight of the movie was racial harassment of the Chinese by the Japanese in Shanghai city, in a particular area. The story began in the location of Shanghai city where Chen returned to marry his fiancé Nora, but received shocking news of his beloved master Huo Yuanjia’s death. In the funeral of Huo Yuanjia the Japanese harassed the Chinese student of Jingwu school & Huo Yuanjia by addressing them as “weaklings” compared to Japanese. The student of Jingwu School challenged them for fight. Chen could not bear the rasical harassment by the Japanese and started to fight a war against the Japanese and their master Suzoki.

When Japaneses got killed by Chen when they insulted him, Suzoki got alerted. Suzoki threatened the students of Jingwu School to handover Chen or he would kill them all. But instead of hand over Chen to Japanese the students of Jingwu School made a plan to help Chen to escape Shanghai. But that night Chen learned that his master was murdered by the Japanese.

So Chen went to the Japanese dojo to kill them. At that time Suzoki also ordered Japanese to kill all the students of Jingwu School. At the end Chen killed all Japanese components who fought with him. He also fought a fight with Petrova, a Russian gangster who was a friend of Suzoki who came to dojo at that time and won the fight. Then he finally fought with nunchaku against Suzoki who was armed with katana, but Suzoki could not do well.

Chen finally killed Suzoki. When Chen returned to the Jingwu school he found that lots of students got killed by the Japanese, but those Japanese also got killed by the students of Jingwu School. As Chen knew that Japanese would come after the students of  Jingwu school, so he surrendered to the police with a condition that they would protect the students of Jingwu school. At the final scene, Chen makes a flying kick towards the line of police as they open fire at him. It was believed by the audiences that Chen was managed to escape.

The gross revenue from this movie was HKD $4431423 and still remembered as one of the successful Bruce Lee movies of all time. But after this movie Bruce Lee stopped working with the director Lo Wei because of some personal disagreements. But still in the Hong Kong martial arts history of Bruce Lee movies -“Fist of Fury” is the shining star.

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