Legend that never ends

Bruce Lee is considered as the king of Kung-Fu. Bruce lee movies help him to gain popularity and recognition as the master of the martial arts all over the world. Bruce Lee movies made him 20th century youth icon. He changed the way the Asians were treated & presented in the Hollywood movies.

The milestones of the Chinese film industry are the Bruce Lee movies. Bruce Lee movies change the history of Chinese movie. His unique appearance, style and all the kung-fu techniques shown in the Bruce Lee movies is still remembered by the film critics, media and audiences. Each and every Bruce Lee movie itself a history.

All the Bruce Lee movies where he played the lead role gain popularity as well as achieve success in box-office.

The main reason for the success of Bruce Lee movies is the stories of the films are unique and different from one another. Another reason is that in each film Bruce Lee plays different character than the other and all the fight scenes are choreographed spectacularly. In every movie he shows different techniques of martial arts, which make the Bruce Lee movies more appealing to the audience, especially who are action lover. The major Bruce Lee movies where he played the major roles are: “The Big Boss”, “Fist of Fry”, “The Way of the Dragon”, “Enter the Dragon” and finally “Game of death”. Bruce lee’s first major film is “The Big Boss”. “The Big Boss” is released in 1971, He also assist the director Lo Wei to make the film. In this movie Bruce Lee plays a character of common people who becomes extraordinary to take revenge of his family’s death.

The film “The Big Boss” not only made him the star of Hong Kong but also made him popular worldwide. This film is the most successful Hong Kong movie of 1971.  His next major movie is “Fist of Fury”, which is also known as “The Chinese connection” in Hollywood. “Fist of Fury” released in 1972, where he acted as a normal Chinese man who suffers a racial harassment from the group of Japanese people and also these Japanese murdered his beloved master .So he fights against them to take revenge and to save the other Chinese students of the school. Fist of Fury” is one of the major Bruce Lee movies where Bruce Lee choreographed his own fight scenes. Bruce Lee gains lots of praises from the film critics and martial arts masters for showing spectacular martial arts techniques in this movie. “Way of the Dragon” is the first martial arts comedy movie of all Bruce Lee movies.

“Way of the Dragon” is produced and directed by Bruce Lee for the first time. The shooting of the movie is set on Rome. “Way of the dragon” is also known as “Return of the Dragon” when released in the Hollywood. In this movie Bruce Lee plays as a brave man who comes to Rome from Hong Kong to help his family friend, whose restaurant is being targeted by local mafia. “Way of the Dragon” released on1972. Bruce Lee’s remarkable success caught the eye of Hollywood producers. Bruce Lee’s first movie which is produced by the famous Hollywood studio Warner bros. in association with Golden Harvest and The concord production company is “Enter the Dragon”. This move is the most successful movie of all Bruce Lee movies. Among the two Bruce Lee movies “Enter the Dragon” is the second movie where Bruce Lee speaks the dialogues in his own voice. In this film Bruce Lee plays the role of a sholin martial artist who takes part in deadly martial arts competition to gather evidence against the organizer who is a Drug smuggler. “Enter the Dragon” is the Bruce Lee’s last feature film, which is released after the six days of his sudden death in 1973. The only incomplete film of Bruce Lee is “Game of Death , which is released after the five years of Bruce Lee’s death in 1978. “Game of Death” is made by combining the remaining original footages of the film and other footages from Bruce Lee’s previous career. With the death of Bruce Lee may be the golden era of Bruce Lee movies come to an end but still in many Hollywood movies the influence of martial arts in their story is widely seen which is introduced to the Hollywood by Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee movies are like legends which continue generations after generations. This is the never ending story of Bruce Lee movies.

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