Rise of an Immortal Actor

“Be formless… shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You pour water into a bottle; it becomes the bottle. You put water into a teapot; it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or creep or drip or crash! Be water, my friend…”- it is one of the most famous quotations of Bruce Lee. Yes, he made himself like water and fitted himself into the movies which are being known as the block buster hit Bruce Lee movies. In every movie, he acted in such a way that the movies have taken him to an exclusive height from the others. Lee Hoi-chuen was his respected father who was well known as a cantonese opera star.

Bruce Lee came into the world of media through his father at his very early age. He was first emerged in Golden Gate Girl when he was just a baby. He had passion about the martial arts which can be easily understood when anyone watches the Brucee Lee movies. He left the media world for a while only foe learning martial arts from his teachers during 1959 to 1964. But he was invited for an audition by William Dozier for “Number One Son” as Dozier saw him in martial art show.

After that he was selected for the role “Kato” together with Van William in the “Green Hornet” television series. He had also appeared in some TV series like Ironside, Here Comes the Brides and Blondie as guest actor. In the year of 1969, Bruce Lee worked together with his two martial arts students- Stirling Silliphant and James Coburn who were a scriptwriter and an actor from Hollywood respectively in the movie named “The Silent Flute”. On the same Year, he had appeared in the movie “Marlowe” where he played as a ruffian who threats a private investigator-Philip Marlowe by thrashing him with fast kicks and punches. He just messed up his office and fall out of the high building accidentally when he tried to kick Marlowe off.

Then in the Wrecking Crew, he choreographed the fighting shots. The story was wtitten by Silliphant. Again he choreographed the fighting shots in A Walk in the Spring Rain in 1970, which was also written by Silliphant. From the year 1971 to till his death, he was in the highest peak of his career of acting. But he had to walk a long way to earn the fame through the Bruce Lee movies. In the year of 1971 he had run a television series named The Warrior.

The famous media company Warner Bros permitted it. In the same year on December Bruce Lee told in a interview show that Both the Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures wanted him to be moderniozed leave the Western ideas but he wanted to use them in the Bruce Lee movies.” After some time the concept was restructured and named as Kung Fu without giving Bruce Lee no credit. Rather than they  told that they had created a new concept and could not take him as his voice not comfortable in the previous Bruce Lee movies. Bruce Lee understood the matter of fact that they thought it in the view of business concept.

They could not take the risk to cast him into the cinema till knowing that whether the movie would bring money or not. Bruce Lee could understand the matter and told in the Pierre Berton Show that may be he would think in the same way as they did. But these confusions were all gone in the later periods of time of Bruce Lee movies.

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