“Enter The Dragon”

Bruce Lee is a legend, who is known as king of kung-fu. Spectacular kung-fu techniques which were shown in the Bruce Lee movies made him the king of Kung-Fu. Bruce Lee movies change the view of Hollywood towards the Chinese culture. All Bruce Lee movies were legendary, but “Enter the Dragon” has a very different position than others. “Enter the Dragon” is the last full feature film of Bruce Lee in his lifetime.

That is why among all the Bruce Lee movies it is the most special movie in the history of Bruce Lee movies. “Enter the Dragon” is released on 26 July, 1973 in Hong Kong just after the death of Bruce Lee on July 20, 1973.  “Enter the Dragon” is released on August 17, 1973 in the Untied States.

The budget of the film is $850,000 and the gross revenue is $200,000,000. “Enter the Dragon” is the most successful movie among all Bruce Lee movies. It is directed by Robert Clouse. Warner Bros, which is one of the most famous Hollywood studio produced this film in association with Golden Harvest and The Concord Production company. “Enter the Dragon” is the first Chinese martial arts film which has been produced by Warner Bros. Jackie chan, who is another famous Hong Kong martial arts hero, also does stunts in this film.

The shooting of “Enter the Dragon” is set in the Hong Kong. In this film Bruce lee played the lead role as “Lee”.

The story of “Enter the Dragon” is mainly based around three main characters, named as “Lee”, “Roper” and “William”. The main focus of the movie is mainly on the deadly martial arts competition in an island organized by a mysterious man, whose name is “Han”. The leading hero Lee is a sholin martial artist from Hong Kong and receives invitation to be a part of the martial arts competition in the island. Lee learns from his master about the organizer Han that he is a former shaolin student but has been expelled from there to break their code of conduct. Lee also learns that Han’s bodyguard O’Hara is responsible for his sister’s death many years back. A British Intelligence agent  seeks help from Lee to capture Han as he has been suspected to be involved in drug dealings and prostitution, Lee agreed to help him to arrest Han and to take his revenge.

Lee entered into the competition where he met another two main characters Roper and William. Lee also makes a contact with Mei Ling, who is an undercover agent works for the British Intelligence to gather evidence against Han. In the night Lee gets out in the island to gather information and to find out the secret entrance of underground where all the illegal stuffs happen. But Lee ran in to Han’s guards but they could not identify him. William sees Lee, who is outside for the practice. On the first match Lee faced O’Hara and defeats him and kills him to seek revenge of his sister’s death. Han then accuses William for being outside in the night and attacking the guards. William denies that and demands to get out of the island but Han said no.

As a result they engaged in to a flight and Han killed William. Then Han offered Roper to be his representative for drug smugglings in the United States, but roper refused to do so and Han shows him the corpse of William and threatens him that he will face the same fate. The same night, Lee breaks in to the underground and gather evidences against Han, but eventually gets captured by the guards after a fight. At the final chapter of the movie, Han orders Roper to fight Lee but Roper refuses. Roper is sent to fight Han’s another bodyguard Bolo and Roper wins. Han orders to kill Lee and Roper. Lee and Roper fight with the enemy while Mei ling releases other prisoners from Han’s underground. All together they defeat all the enemies. Han attempts to fly away but Lee cornered him and after lots of fight Lee defeats Han and implied Han on his own spear. The amazing fight scene in a room full of mirrors of “Enter the Dragon” is still considered as one of the best fighting scene of all the Bruce Lee movies.

With “Enter the Dragon” the golden era of Bruce Lee movies end but still he receives the same respect and popularity from the media, film critics and audiences.

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