“Game of Death”

Bruce lee is known as master of martial arts. Because of Bruce Lee movies Hong Kong martial arts gain recognition in Hollywood as well as worldwide. He is considered as the most influential martial artist of all time. All the Bruce Lee movies are successful, but all the good things have an end. The golden years of Bruce Lee movies also come to an end. “Game of Death” is the last leaf of Bruce Lee movies.

The shooting of “Game of Death” remain incomplete Because of the sudden death of Bruce Lee. While doing the shooting of “Game of Death”, Bruce Lee received an offer to act into the movie “Enter the Dragon”, which is the first Chinese movie as well as Bruce Lee movie produced by the famous Hollywood studio Warner Bros. Bruce Lee then completed the shooting of “Enter the Dragon”.

After the shooting of “Enter the Dragon”, he decided to complete the shooting of the previous film. But luck did not favor him and Bruce Lee died before finishing the shooting of the movie. Bruce Lee shoots over 100 minutes of footages for the film, but some the footages later misplaced. This is the only incomplete movie of all Bruce Lee movies. Anyway, after the death of Bruce Lee the remaining footages of Bruce Lee are released. The running times of the footages are approximately 39 minutes.

These footages are the main storyline of the film which was to be directed by Lee and produced by Raymond Chow. Later, the film is completed by combining the original footages and other footages from Bruce Lee’s career and a new film is formed. The name of the film is “Game of death”. It is directed by Robert Clouse, Who is the director of Bruce Lee’s last full feature film “Enter the dragon”. The new film “Game of Death” is released after the five years of Bruce Lee’s death on March 23, 1978. The gross revenue of the film is HK$ 3,436,169.

Original plot of the film involves the role of Hai Tien, played by Bruce Lee. Hai Tien is a retired martial arts champion. A  Korean underworld gang wants Hai Tien to be a part of their gang to steal something (which is something special) from pagoda. The gang believes that pagoda is protecting something for a reason but no guns are allowed in the pagoda that is why they need Hai Tien. But Hai Tien refuses to do so. So, they kidnapped Hai Tien’s younger brother and sister, and then finally Hai Tien agreed to join the group.

Hai Tien along with four other martial artists enter in to the pagoda and fight to get to their way up in the pagoda, they face different challenge in each floor. The thing they wanted is protected in the top level of pagoda. Hai Tien defeats Dan Inosanto, a Filipino martial arts master. He also defeats Master Ji Han and at last Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But the ending of the film remain unknown. In the 1978 version of new film “Game of Death”, Bruce Lee portrayed the role of Billy Jo.

The new film is completely based on a new story line. In this film, Billy Jo who is a famous martial art movie artist is the main character. Billy Jo fights against a racketeering business. The owner of the syndicate Dr. Land orders to kill Billy to set an example. Land’s assassin sneaks on to a set of Billy Jo’s movie and shoot him. But the bullet did not kill him but passes through his face. As a result he needs go under a plastic surgery and his face changes. He fakes his death to take revenge against Dr. Land. When the syndicate kidnapped his Fiancé Ann Moris, Billy Jo comes out to the world and saves her. The fight scenes inside the pagoda from the original footage are used in this film. Through this film the last touch of Bruce Lee movies come to a life again after the five years of his death.

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