Legendary Bruce Lee Movies

Bruce Lee, the ultimate legend of Hong Kong has given us a numerous Bruce Lee movies in his short period of time. From the year 1969 to 1973, he acted in six block buster hit movies which is considered as the milestone of the film industry all over the world. He was an actor, a martial artist, a physical instructor, a philosopher, a screenwriter and a poet at the same time.

He is also reknown for some of his qoutes which he used in the Bruce Lee movies and other places like interview, philosophy etc. The speech of Bruce Lee like- “If you always put limit on everythig you do physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life There are no limits. There are only plateaus. And you must not stay there.

You must go beyond them.” is like an inspiration for any human being on earth. In the life time of Bruce Lee movies, he acted in the film Marlowe in 1969 as Winslow Wong, The Big Boss in 1971 as Cheng Chow-an, Fist of Fury in 1972 as Chen Zhen, The Way of the Dragon in 1972 as Tang Lung, Enter the Dragon in 1973 as Lee, Game of Death in 1973 as Billy Lo and every movie had trembled the box offices.

He was inspired from the Chinese martial arts and and used his own techniques in his movies with passion. He bacame the icon of Hong Kong as well as China and the whole world because of the films he acted during his life time. He was the student of Wing Chun – the famous martial arts teacher, but he used his own philosophy and used different techniques from various sources about the martial arts in the Bruce Lee movies. Bruce Lee was born in a posh family in Hong Kong and his father – Lee Hoi-chuen, was one of the famous Cantonese opera and film actors at the time. As a result Bruce Lee was known with the film environment at his earlier age. He entered into the film industry at his young age.

Ren hai gu hong in 1960, Lei yu in 1957, Zha dian na fu  in 1956, Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia in 1956, Er nu zhai in 1955, Gu xing xue lei in 1955, Gu er xing in 1955, Ai in 1955, Wei lou chun xiao in 1953, Ci mu lei in 1953, Ku hai ming deng in 1953, Qian wan ren jia in 1953, Fu zhi guo in 1953, Ren zhi Chu in 1951, Xi lu xiang in 1950, Meng li xi shi in 1949, Fu gui fu yun in 1948, The Birth of Mankind in 1946, Golden Gate Girl in 1941 etc are the noticable Bruce Lee movies at his earlier age. He was seen not only in the Bruce Lee movies but also in the different television series like the Green Hornet, Batman, Ironside, Blondie, Here Comes the Bride, Enjoy yourself Tonight, Long street, the Pierre Berton Show. He had written some books on martial arts too. From the year 1963 to 1978, he wrote some books also.

They are-Chinese Gung-Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self Defense, Tao of Jeet Kune Do and Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method. But the Bruce Lee movies brought him fame and till now people watch the movies all over the world. The sculpture of Bruce Lee at the Avenue of Stars is the proof that these movies made him an icon of Hong Kong.

Time Magazine has selected him as one of the 100 influential persons of the twentith century. It can be said easily that he has won the heart of people through the Bruce Lee movies.

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