Martial Arts and Comedy

If you like to enjoy a classic martial art as well as a comedy movie, then you must watch ‘The Way of the Dragon’-one of the best Bruce Lee Movies which was released first in Hong Kong and as ‘Return of the Dragon’ in United States.

This famous Bruce Lee movie was written, produced, directed and starred the leading role by Bruce Lee himself. The hundred minute runtime colored movie was dubbed in mainly Mandarin, English and Italian language. The story of this Bruce Lee movie is very interesting.

Bruce Lee acted the main role as Tang Lung who had come to Rome from Hong Kong to help his uncle as well as family friend-Wang. The local mafia group of Rome aimed at Chen Ching-hua’s restaurant who was the niece of uncle Wang. The mafia boss wanted the restaurant and for this reason, he threatened Chen to write a will to the mafia boss as the new owner of the restaurant.

Then he sent some ruffians to the restaurant but Tang resisted them and hit them badly. As a result he was severely admired by Chen. But Tang disappointed her by going away from Chen not knowing about how to communicate in English or Italian language. But when he had beaten the ruffians, he made some friends in the hotel who knew some karate. Then he taught them Chinese boxing. Again a gunman was sent by the mafia boss but he was unable to kill Tang. Then the mafia boss came to the restaurant for himself with his ruffians to kill Tnag, but he told his ruffians not to use arms to kill him.

As a result they were beaten by Tang. Tang gave a warning to the mafia boss that if he would not keep away from Chen and her restaurant, then he would take vital action against them. On the othe other hand the mafia boss threatened him that if he would not leave Rome, then he would be dead after a while.

Then the mafia boss decided to kidnap Chen  and gave her pressure to write the ownership to the mafia boss but she refused him. In the mean time Tang went to the place and snatched her from the mafia boss. Then the adviser of the villain brought three foreign martial artists to defeat Tang. Two of them were not cooperating each other at first, but when the third martial artist came, the matter was solved. The adviser then threw Tang into the trap so that the fighters could get him easily. But by the help of his friends, Tang defeated them near the colosseum.At last he defeated the third martial artist- Colt who was really a good fighter.

In the mean time two of Chen’s friend were taking rest, but his uncle killed them by a knife to get profit from the mafia boss and go back to Hong Kong as a rich man by persuading Chen. When Chen came back to his uncle after pursuing the adviser, the mafia boss came to the place at the same time and killed the adviser. Chen turned to his uncle and realised that he was betrayed by his uncle. His uncle was shot by the mafia boss too. Chen covered himself behind a tree and at that time police came to the spot and arrested the mafia boss red handed. At the last scene of this Bruce Lee movie, Chen was seen in front of his friends grave mourning. The cinema earned HK$ 5,307,351 in Hong Kong and US$85,000,000 all over the world. This amount says without any doubt that it is one of the best movies in the history of Bruce Lee movies. is not the owner nor is affiliated to a main company. simply provides tips, news, and information about Bruce Lee Movies and some and/or sometimes few of its products and programs. Copyright © 2013 Shakuri Inc DBA - All Right Reserved