Dazzling Period of Bruce Lee Movies

Bruce Lee movies are the living documents of his skill of martial arts. He struggled a lot before the release of his world famous Bruce Lee movies. At his earlier period of his career, he acted in some of the television series and a few number of movies. But he proved his talent by the block buster box office shaking movie The Big Boss. This film was produced by Golden Harvest and Dimension Films.

At first the producer of Hollywood-Fred Weintraub told him to make a feature film after returning to Hong Kong and send it back so that Weintraub could show the feature film to the Hollywood executives. In the mean time he was already famous in Hong Kong for his acting in The Green Hornet though he did not know anything about it.

He had already become an icon in Hong Kong and known as the star of The Kato Show. The film- The Big Boss which was directed by Low Wei brought him unbelievable success in which he acted as Cheng and took revenge against the murder of his cousins.

This movie earned a gross revenue of HK $3,197,417. After finishing the Big Boss, Bruce Lee started working on The Fist of Fury. This movie broke the record of The Big Boss as it earned a gross revenue of HKD$4,431,423. This one hundred and eight minutes movie was also directed by Low Wei and Brucee Lee acted as the student of Huo Yuanjia who fights against the foreign invasion and keeps the honor of his respected teacher. After finishing the contract with Golden Harvest, he made a different deal and opened his own company named Concord Productions Inc. In the third film of Bruce Lee movies, he casted in the Way of the Dragon as the main role and introduced Chuck Norris as his rival in the fight of last scene at the Colosseum in Rome.

He took complete control of the movies and proved himself as a successful writer, director and choreographer of the fighting scenes. In the year-1972, Bruce Lee started to work on his forth film Game of Death. He decided to put on the demo of his martial arts in this movie. But the processing of the film was paused for the proposal of Warner Bros to make a film with them named Enter the Dragon. It was proposed to produce by the joint venture of Golden Harvest and Warner Bros. The recording started. In the mean time another company named Starseas Motion Pictures sent a proposal to play as the leading actor in the Fist of Unicorn. However, after finishing and just before the release of the movie Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee suddenly died. This famous ninety eight minutes movie earned a gross revenue of $3,307,520.40 in Hong Kong, $25,000,000 in United States and $200,000,000 worldwide.

This movie introduced the martial arts in a new form to the people of the whole world. Robert Clouse took the responsibility to finish the work of the movie Enter the Dragon after Bruce Lee’s death. Bruce Lee had over one hundred minute footages when he worked for this movie. So many persons like Hapkido master Ji Han-Jae, , Lee’s student, Dan Inosanto, Abdul-Jabbar, George Lazenby starred in this film. The film was finished and Robert Clouse released the movie after five years in 1978 using a new cast and story plot and looalike persons of Bruce Lee like both Kim Tai Chung, and Yuen Biao as stunt. He also used the archieved footages of Bruce Lee for the movie. There is no argument that Bruce Lee had brought a revolution through the Bruce Lee movies and he is an ideal example of a real fighter.

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