The Legend as a Villain

It is hard to find out a person who has watched a number of movies but does not know Bruce Lee or have not heard about the famous Bruce Lee movies. It is a kind of crime not to know about him or Bruce Lee movies.

But how many people know that he had also acted as a villain in a movie and the particular part of the whole cinema was the remarkable part to know about the acting of the rising star Bruce Lee. Yes, the name of the cinema is ‘Marlowe’ which is directed by Paul Bogart, produced by Sidney Beckerman and Gabriel Katzka, screenplayed by Stirling Silliphant. The theme of the story is taken from the famous novel the Little Sister by Raymond Chandler in 1949.

The book is the fifth part in the famous Philip Marlowe series. The story is set in late 1940s in Los Angels. James Garner, Gayle Hunnicutt, Carroll O’Connor, Rita Moreno and Bruce Lee starred in the movie. This ninety six minutes Bruce Lee movies was released in Germany on September 19, 1969 and in United States on October 22, 1969 and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer commonly known as MGM which is a famous media related company involved in the production and distribution of films and TV shows. The story plot of this movie is very interesting like the other Bruce Lee movies. Like Orfamay Quest hired a private detective named Philip Marlowe for finding  her brother Orrin. He goes to a hotel for inspection and asked some questions to the owner and the present person of the room-Grant Hicks.

None of them could answer to any questions of the detective Marlowe, but they were seen dead by an icepick after a while. In the mean time, the private detective Marlow becomes senseless by attack. When he was in sense, he can see that Mavis Wald was running from the hotel who is an actress. He finds a check of a camera store from Hick’s body and also pictures of Mavis making love with a dangerous gangster named Sonny Steelgrave. Marlow follows Mavis upto her apartment and finds out Dolores-a striper and a friend of the actress.

He asks them questions but can not find anything as they were not responsive. Besides these he is threatened by Steelgrave and his ruffian Winslow Wong at his office.The Kung-Fu expert comes to his office and warns him to keep away from the matter. Besides, police Lieutenant French suspects him as the killer of Hicks. After getting a lead, he summons Dr. Lagardie and finds hurt Orrin who strikes him with the icepick before death. After the recovery of his illness, Orfamay is told about the death of her brother by him. When Doloris requests him to go to Steelgrave’s house, he goes and finds out Mavis. When he reaches there, he sees that Mavis is sitting next to dead Steelgrave.

Marlow understands that Mavis is letting her sister go and also protecting her. On the next day, Mavis comes to know that Orrin and Orfamay made a blue print to blackmail her with those pictures. Marlow discovers at the working place of Dolores that Lagardie is linked with Dolores and then he calls the police. Lagardie comes before the police, kills Dolores and choose the way of suicide for himself. This movies is remarked as one of the exceptional Bruce Lee movies which has a different type of story and the special part of it in which Bruce Lee showed off. It is one of the two Bruce Lee movies where he speaks with his natural voice in the cinema and played as the villain. is not the owner nor is affiliated to a main company. simply provides tips, news, and information about Bruce Lee Movies and some and/or sometimes few of its products and programs. Copyright © 2013 Shakuri Inc DBA - All Right Reserved